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What does the name "Gladiatrix" suggest to you? Dominant near-naked women wrestling and fighting in the arena? Perhaps sweaty Amazons with spear and shield in hand laying seige to a village in order to carry off the men to become their sexual slaves and perverted playthings? Or maybe fierce fighting females dressed in leather, gathered in the mead hall drinking as their submissive slave girls oil their equipment and service their voracious lesbian passions? You bet! Fans of female fighting, erotic grappling and snarling XXX catfights want to see their beautiful champions locked in delicious sexual combat, but have one question...

Where can one find these tough sexually strong women today?


If you love the sting of female wrestling, muscle sex and erotic fighting, then have a look at our delicious menu of fit females, bitch boxers, catfight cuties and MORE! These hot women LOVE to do battle as their female gladiator ancestors once did in the arena! GLADIATRIX.COM hopes you stay and enjoy the fights!
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"Have you not heard of the Gladiatrix? Tough warrior women who take men in battle and women to bed? If you travel to Rome you can watch them as they wrestle and train at their schools. It is said Caeser himself keeps a stable of these lusty creatures, often placing bets as he watches them wrestling and fighting. Of course it is well known at night they love to take their male and female slaves to bed with them where the sport continues..." Dio Cullious - Circa 23 B.C.

Thong Bikini Fights!

Like watching sexy bikini sluts fighting and grappling? Pulling hair - twisting tits - punching pussies and slamming ass? If you're a fan of fit fighting females and sports girls, then do we have the erotic wrestling porno for YOU!

Thong Bikini Fights
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Erotic Female Bodybuilders XXX Sex!

Sexy erotic female bodybuilders naked and doing hardcore porn

And Doing HARDCORE Porn!

Nasty and VERY horny muscle sluts want to share the results of their hard work and long hours in the gym with getting NUDE and doing all sorts of OBSCENE XXX THINGS!


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"These females gain their strength through long wrestling matches and brutal fights. They reckon a warrior women's rank by the number of battle scars and female lovers she has. And it it said they shamefully mount men and also use them as females for their lustful amusement..." Cassius Dyonisis - Circa 100 A.D.
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